• Posted on: 16 June 2020
  • By: Steve

Aroo needs a home!

He lost his old home through no fault of his own (his human had a medical issue and could no longer care for him). He came to House of Dreams, but shelter life did not agree with an independent cat like Aroo. In his foster home, though, he has thrived! He cuddles with his foster parent, and is content to chill out and be good company.

He has impeccable litter box manners, and gets along with other cats as long as they aren't bullies or bossy. But dogs are not his favorite--he's had bad experiences with them, and does not want to be around them.

Aroo seems to prefer men, the smell of mashed potatoes, and aromatic wet food. Tastes can be a uniquely individual trait, we suppose :)

He weighs twenty pounds, and though he's lost a few ounces, he'll need help getting to a healthy weight.

Admittedly, Aroo still is working on his behavior. He'll sometimes get frustrated and swat without warning. But out of the shelter environment, he's made remarkable progress, is a much calmer cat, and allows himself to show his heart and affectionate side that he kept hidden in the shelter.

That's why Aroo needs to land in a foster home, or ideally a forever home. But he has to be there by June 24, because he'll have to leave his current foster home by then. 

House of Dreams will cover any medical expenses, assist with supplies, and provide behavioral guidance and support; all you need to do as a foster is give Aroo a calm and loving environment for him to blossom into the awesome cat we know he can be!

If you're a cat-savvy human(s), without children, and patiently can help a cat in need blossom and reach his full potential, please consider giving Aroo a helping hand (or paw).

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