• Posted on: 25 February 2021
  • By: Kristin

Elana! She is SUCH a sweet, lovely, playful, affectionate cat! (With people. NOT so much with other cats. She really does need to be an only cat.)
This GORGEOUS Lynx point Siamese is 15, and in really good shape. She was found by a Good Samaritan, who took her to Dove Lewis. From there she went to Multnomah County, and from there to House of Dreams. She came to us 1/10/21, and her birthday is listed as 12/6/05. She is a solid girl, at a bit over 9 pounds. She is very affectionate, and loves being petted and held. She is also VERY playful – with toys, wand toys, and lazer pointers! She has a VERY good appetite, and is on special cat food specific for kidney disease. She does not currently have kidney disease, it’s more of a pre-emptive move. Elana also loves laying in one of the fleece hammocks we have, the one she loves is positioned over a heater vent. :)

We don’t know her past, though being out and alone and having to go to Dove Lewis makes me think it wasn’t the happiest, you know? I CAN tell you her future. I KNOW that there is a home out there for Elana. A home with a comfy sofa, maybe a fireplace, and HER peep/s. Being able to see Elana relax, and know she was HOME would mean the world to us.

Coat length: 
Adoption pending
Primary color: 
Tabby - Gray, Blue or Silver
Feline leukemia status: 
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Good with other cats: 
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