• Posted on: 5 October 2019
  • By: Ellie

Sweet Ernie traveled peacefully and surrounded with love over the Rainbow Bridge on February 6, 2020.

Ernie came to us at around 5 years old from a hoarding situation and for some time, was understandably hesitant and uncertain. As little Ernie became more comfortable at House of Dreams and received wonderful love and care from our volunteers, she began to trust and feel more at ease.

Ernie’s favorite thing to do was spend time in the tube in the cat condo by the window. It seemed to help her to feel safe while also observing the goings-on of volunteers and the other kitties.

Sometimes she would climb up to a different spot on the cat condo to watch the world outside the window, especially the bird feeders. Eventually she would greet visitors by jumping up to the top platform of the cat condo, asking for pets and love. “She would flee back into the tunnel at any disturbance, but would soon venture back out, her loyalty never wavering. And I was honored by it,” said one of our volunteers.

She was always eager for meal time and was a social eater, enjoying the encouragement and company she received from our volunteers. She appreciated gentle petting and had the tiniest meow, which matched her petite size. Ernie was beautiful in her uniqueness, as one of our volunteers pointed out. Her tuxedo bib was slightly askew, each of her legs looked a little bit different and her markings didn’t match, which just made her even more special.

As with all of our residents, it was an honor to care for Ernie. It was truly a joy to watch her blossom into a more confident cat who began to display her sweet and loving personality.

Coat length: 
Rainbow Bridge
Primary color: 
Black & White or Tuxedo
Feline leukemia status: 
Good with dogs: 
Good with other cats: 
Good with kids: 
Special needs: