Grace Nugget

  • Posted on: 27 April 2021
  • By: Mark

Grace. Gracie Nugget. She is, quite possibly, the softest, cutest, dearest, little round cat on the planet. (Her double name is because we got another Grace in at HOD, and we need distinct names at our veterinarians office. Grace had become a tad circular in shape, so she became Grace Nugget). The backstory to a lot of our cats is hard, and Gracie Nuggets really hurts my heart. Grace had somehow come to be in a trailer park, where she was fed and cared for by an older gentleman. When he went into assisted living, he was not allowed to take her, and that was when a Good Sam came in and made arrangements to have Grace come to HOD. We verified she was FeLV+, and she is also positive for FIV, which is not a concern to us, just something to be aware of.
When Grace first came to HOD she was SO withdrawn, SO scared, SO combative. We had the WORST time getting her to eat! We turned to an animal communicator (if you’re not a believer, that’s totally okay. Just know we would never base a medical decision solely on what we hear, but what we learn can really help us with behaviour) and one of the things that Gracie Nugget told her, was that someone was poisoning the cats at the trailer park, and one of the older strays told Gracie not to eat the food.

Yeah, breaks your heart doesn’t it? Obviously once she found out that WE weren’t poisoning her, she started eating and plumped right up! She clocks in at somewhat over 8# now. Grace is loving, slightly skittish with people she doesn’t know initially, but she warms up quickly. And truly, she is SO soft! Her fur feels like a combination of velvet and velour. Her birthday is put at 5/3/17, and she came to HOD 5/8/20. She is BEYOND loved at HOD, but as ever, as great as HOD is, it’s not as good as a HOME could be. Any chance that home is yours?

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