Gracie Topaz

  • Posted on: 27 April 2021
  • By: Mark

Grace – aka Gracie Topaz. Grace is a STUNNING cat (don’t you think?) She is also a challenging cat. Please know, that I have a total soft spot in my heart for the cats that are either super shy, or initially a tad fractious. The latter would be Gracie. She is another of our cats whose backstory is heartbreaking. HOD was contacted by a seriously selfless woman, who had become homeless. Grace was her kitty, and the woman wanted better than for Grace to be in a carrier in her car. We agreed to take Grace (and the woman was able to move in temporarily with a friend – we worry about people too!). Grace came to HOD 11/19/20. We thought (hoped) her grumpiness was due to being separated from her mamma, and then as some time went by we thought (hoped) her grumpiness was due to the fact that she needed a dental. Well, she’s had the dental now, and while she is TRYING to not be so grumpy, she still pretty much is.

When I first get to HOD, and Grace sees me, she’ll come to the front of her house and initially she will let me pet her and she purrs and rubs against me, and is super happy and affectionate. Then it’s like she remembers that she isn’t supposed to be like that, and she will SMACK you! However, she has NEVER used her toenails.

She truly does not like other cats, and would definitely do best in a home without other felines. I firmly believe that someone who is very cat savvy, and very patient, will be adopting a seriously fantastic cat. You can SEE that she WANTS so badly, to be affectionate, and loving, but she’s scared. Perhaps she’s scared of putting her heart out there again? I would take her in a heartbeat, but we’re full up at our house! Grace’s birthday is roughly 11/19/13, and she currently weighs 9#.

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