• Posted on: 4 October 2019
  • By: Ellie

Please join us in honoring the life of Shadow, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 23, 2020.

At 21 years old, Shadow was our oldest resident, and she made an indelible impression on everyone who knew her. She came to us at age 20 after never having experienced shelter life before. With her advanced health conditions and the loving and dedicated care that House of Dreams provides to kitties at all stages of life and medical conditions, Shadow landed in the right place. It was truly a privilege to care for her.

Shadow was not always certain how she felt about other cats, but she was grateful for gentle attention from humans. Her favorite spot was most definitely her cozy bed. As we continued to monitor her conditions, our loving volunteers often heated up a special rice sock to help keep her tummy warm while she rested in bed.

When Shadow felt eager to do some exploring, we were always happy to give her as much time as she wanted to wander around the shelter and stretch her legs. Her arthritis often caused her walk to be stiff, but we could always tell that she appreciated the time to move around during her walks, which were referred to in multiple ways by our volunteers, including “making her rounds,” “promenade time” and “mall walking.” Shadow was also known for her ageless beauty, including her velvety soft black coat and lovely whiskers. She was patient when our volunteers administered fluids and was adored by veterinary staff who took care of her as she experienced some additional health challenges.

Over the last several weeks in particular, we watched Shadow closely to determine whether she felt ready to say goodbye. Earlier this week, she seemed to be telling us it was time. Shadow crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully surrounded by our wonderful medical volunteers, one of whom delivered a loving Hawaiian protection prayer for our special girl.

It is never easy to say goodbye to a friend, and it is all the more difficult during an already challenging and emotional time. However, more than ever, House of Dreams is grateful to our supporters and friends for loving our wonderful kitties alongside us.

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